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Advantages of a Litter Box Cabinet

May 16, 2012

A litter box is a necessary item when you have an indoor cat, which is why a litter box cabinet is an ideal choice. These are perfect for not only hiding the litter box from view, but also to give your cat some privacy when doing their business. They are designed with large openings so that your pet can easily access the cabinet, and have room inside for not only the littler box but cleaning supplies also. You will find that on and offline, there are a variety of choices to select from.

In most cabinets, the top is lined with carpet and may have a scratching post. It may also include a feeding area plus space to store toys. Some boxes are designed to resemble end tables so they fit nicely in the decor of a room, such as the bedroom. Most come with two shelves, so the littler box can be placed on the bottom while the cat enjoys a nap on the top. In addition, the large door on a little box cabinet makes cleaning easy. Some great examples can be found at

Understanding Cat Litter Furniture

We all love our cats but the worst part of the relationship is the litter box that we have to handle. Some litter boxes are made so that they can look stylish. But there are ways to put in the litter box in your home without the box interfering in your style sense. You do not have to work with ugly looking and smelling litter boxes now. Cat litter box furniture can help you in blending the litter box in your home. This means normal looking furniture will conceal the litter box. These are shelving units that have storage space on top and the litter box can be made out of sight. These can be kept in any room and it can match the décor. There is an opening for the kitty to enter and exit the box. So that you can easily clean the mess, the top part is open.


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